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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now at 11:00, new video shows the moments before a
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deadly, fiery crash in chevy chase. now, one family wants to hold police responsible to the tune of $10 million. >> a small dog stabbed seven times. tonight, we'll tell you about her amazing recovery. >> but, first, dense fog forces planes to divert to dulles airport. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here with a threat for school delays. >> good evening, everyone. someone just tweeted me and said it's like a horror movie outside. tomorrow morning's commute could be just that. horrible. we've got some airport delays. around reagan international, baltimore washington international, the delay over an hour now. tomorrow morning, likely to be more delays. so for the airports and on area roads, it's going to be a slow go. visibility down to a third and a half mile.
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for school systems, there could be one or two counties with school delays. after that, our odd weather continues. i'll tell you why coming up. >> all of that fog today kept up a tough day of travel for joe biden. air force ii had delays on the way back to washington this evening. low visibility at andrews air force base prompted the plane to divert to dulles, instead. >> everyone on board the flight was just fine. >> there's new evidence after a fiery crash in chevy chase last spring. police say a stolen car slammed into a tree killing three teenagers. >> tomorrow, the sole survivor goes on trial, but his lawyer says he's not responsible and he's filed a multi-million
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dollar lawsuit. >> reporter: take a look at this montgomery county police dash cam video showing officers pursue a stolen toyota. they pursue into the chevy chase circle. the chase ends abruptly. >> the vehicle is on fire. >> reporter: our excusive video shows the fire back in march. three teenagers died. the only survivor has a criminal trial scheduled to begin tomorrow. charges include theft. >> the video shows a pursuit being recklessly engaged in by officers. >> richardson's lawyer says they're suing montgomery county police in a civil sut for 10 million dlar. >> approximately 4:20 and then you will see a flash. that is the car being struck from behind. >> reporter: do you clearly see a police car ram the suspect's
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car? a jury will decide. >> i don't remember the night that clearly. >> reporter: and out here tonight, where that toyota echo crashed into the tree, there is still damage. take a look right down here. u can see glass covering the ground. now, police say that that echo accelerated, crashed into the tree and that their officers kept in standard law enforcement procedure. >> that's smk we will probably disagree on. >> reporter: ironically, investigators say they rescued richardson and now it's richardson suing the department. in chevy chase, i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> there are new details about the man who's been charged with hitting a pedestrian while he was drunk. the 22-year-old was arrested after a clash early on saturday morning. the victim remains in a coma. the man lived in richmond. tonight, we've learned that wills has been charged or cited
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in at least four other incidents on area roads back in march ranging from speeding to reckless driving. >> watch as a man beat up a teenager in montgomery county. this video helped pros cue tors go after one member of the group and get a conviction from a jury today. 22-year-old tayshawn powell is awaiting charges for assault and robbery. it became a key piece of evidence. but, also, a source of dus put. >> the video shows clearly that this defendant, mr. powell, was the assailanassailant, the mainn this case. >> tayshawn was not running up there. >> tayshawn powell will be sentenced in december. >> there is a lot on the line. nearly 40% of people surveyed in
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an nbc news wall street journal poll say the debates will be an important factor in tlar result. >> reporter: jim, it's the first face-to-face meeting between barack obama and mitt romney in nearly five years. the first is domestic matters and the economy. at this time tomorrow night, it will all be over left to the pun dants and the voters. >> home of the pioneers, the university of denver plays home to sparring contenders of the political kind. final touches were put on the debate today where in less than 24 hours, potential gaps and zingers could fly. president obama took a break and visited the hoover dam. mitt romney took time out for a buritto bowl. and romney may have gotten zinger help from an unlikely ally today.
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vice president joe biden campaigning in north carolina. >> how they can justify raising taxes in the middle class has been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify it? >> reporter: republicans pounced. >> we agreed. we need to elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> reporter: in person absentee voting is already under way. early voeting going only in other states. both sides know tomorrow's debate could be the last one some voters see. >> i think it's an opportunity for governor romney to flush out these issues face-to-face. >> he's very good at explaining what's going on, what he's proposing, what he has done. and i don't think there's anything to worry about. >> reporter: or does he? the latest poll shows the head-to-head race tightening a bit with president obama still on top. but on a key issue of the
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economy, a potentially revealing shift that could help the president. 57% believe they think the economy is recovering, the largest number seen so far in this campaign. >> nbc news will have live team coverage and analysis that will begin at 9:00 tomorrow night. and we invite you to stay tuned for news 4 at 11:00. >> the redskins team ownership endorsed question 7 today. they say the project would mean new jobs and more money for schools. the football team plays at fed-ex field. opponents are fighting the measure. today, opponents and community activists rallied against question 7 outside the county administration building. >> it's been 10 years since the beltway sniper terrorized our region. they killed their first victim outside the shopper's warehouse in wheaton.
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10 more victims would die. in his memory, his sister has raised more than a hundred thousand dollars to award scholarships to help students go to college. >> we have to hope for change. and, you know, sometimes it's all in our attitude. >> muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo is now 27 year old and serving multiple life sentences without the chance for parol. >> a man has been arrested for stabbing a dog, his dog, seven times. police are calling it a domestic dispute. incredibly, that dog survived. but the two-year-old shizhu is recovering tonight. it's going to be okay. vett eerinarians say cocoa will need extensive rehab for the wounds, lot of medicine to prevent infection and ease the pain.
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the washington humane society is taking donations to help cover the costs. >> all part of a media campaign to promote his new memoir. and he didn't hold back when it comes toth scandal that cost him his marriage. >> reporter: the former governor of california promoted his new book "total call" tonight. >> if i have to answer these questions now or if i answer them later on, i might as well just answer them now. >> reporter: the book is more than 6 h00 pages in length. >> it's problem that i created. it was totally my fault. it was no one else's fault and therefore i have to face up to it. >> i mean, you know, cheating is the fwbiggest insult. you know, clinton did it. a lot of men in power did it. >> reporter: but other fans didn't seem phased by the elephant in the room. >> i think he's done a lot of
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valuable movies, politics and made a lot of krixzs. >> i'm a lifelong fan. >> ray lamede says his expectations for the night were pretty shot. >> he came out and his handlerings were like let's go, you've go t to move. >> he and his body were the first in line for the famous john hancock. >> very cold. he didn't acknowledge us. >> love him or hate him, most people will say he will always be the govenator. >> american airlines is now explaining what led to some scary moments for some passengers when their seats came loose in the middle of their flight. two 757s have experienced the problems since last week. mechanics say some seats were moved around and the clamp that attaches them to the floor was not installed correctly after they were moved. the airline is now inspecting 47
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other airplanes that have similar seat clamps. >> up next, a news anchor fires back after a viewer says she's too fat for tv. >> we'll tell you which local university ranks among the unhappiest in the nation. unhappi[ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next.
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prince george's police department is hoping this surveillance video will help
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solve a string of liquor store robberies. there were three hold-ups across the county last month including this one at the east pines liquor store in riverdale. each time, the they went in early in the morning. >> exotic barnyard pets and reptiles. today, the owner tells news 4 he's not a horder. but animal control says charges against him are pending. last thursday, officers seized a pig, a snake, skunk, turtles, even a goldfish. many of the animals didn't have food or water. but the owner said he had already made improvements that animal control ordered. >> for the size of the property that maybe there were too many animals. were they neglected? absolutely not. >> animal control says it's looking for rescue groups to take care of the animals.
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today, the internet is buzzing. a viewer wrote to jennifer livingston, a morning anchor in wisconsin complaining about her weight and telling her she's not a good role model for girls. as the mother of three daughters, livingston responded today. >> i am much more than a number on a scale. what really angers me about this is there are children who don't know better. who get e-mails, as critical as the one i received or in many cases, even worse, each and every day. >> livingston called that viewer a bully and says children learn that kind of behavior from adults. thousands of people have riten her messages of support on line. >> engineering schools dominate the list of colleges with the least happy students. according to the princeton review, montana tech tops the list. the u.s. naval academy came in at number six. the princeton review based it on
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thousands of student reviews across the country. other schools include the new jersey institute of technology and the u.s. merchant marine academy. >> any storms we have this winter might be more memorable because of how they're described. the weather channel has decided to start naming winter storms. it's to help track severe weather systems similar to the way that tropical storms are named during hurricane season. the weather channel described this year's list of storms names as having attitude. some of the posibilities include drako, athena and magnus. >> and more than that, probably it's low, moderate or high impablgt. >> and a way to differentiate between the different ones. >> exactly. all right. how about tomorrow morning, and overnight, this fog is kind of dramatic. >> yeah. if i had to give that a name, it would be gotham.
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it's kind of like gothem city out there. when you head out tomorrow morning, what's awaiting you is driving through one great big cloud. could couldn't bring you the city cam shot. it's just so shocked in. the fog and a look at our building there at nbc universal. lets's take a look at those visibleties right now. again, they're pretty row. they're down to a half mile, a third of a mile from winchester to camp springs. so all through the area, even d.c. down to a half mile visibility. i think by tomorrow morning, we're talking a quarter mile visibility and lower. and not just here. if you were going to travel to philadelphia, to new york, state college down to roanoke, this whole pocket through the mid atlantic, it's looking at foggy conditions. there were some school delays this morning down in southwest virginia as the rain ended.
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we've got the same kind of deal going only here now for tomorrow morning. so that's why i think there could be one or two counties with school delays tomorrow morning. 72 degrees, our temperature. we've got a northeast wind. still, there's some showers out there making their way around warrington crossing over i-66. tomorrow morning, it's drizzle more than anything and, again, a whole lot of fog. our temperatures are in the low 60s to 70s. we've gone up a couple of degrees from earlier today. the high earlier, 71. but now it's 72. a mild start to the day tomorrow. take a look at the templetu temperature at the bus stop. drizzle possible. you're not going to need the umbrel umbrella, but you'll need some patience for tomorrow morning. tomorrow, mixture of clouds and sunshine throughout the area. and then on thursday, a possible little shower coming through. mainly areas east of i-95. and then another front coming
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our way for the weekend. 65-70 early tomorrow morning with that light wibd. here's a look at our forecast for the daytime tomorrow. getting you wa inting up to 82-. nice conditions for friday. final lip, the week enld, 77 on saturday with a late-day shower early morning sunday and then we're into the low 60s for high temperatures. not lows, for highs. that's the early part of next week. so the next system bringing us the air from canada instead of the south. >> okay, we'll be careful out there tomorrow morning. >> thanks, veronica. >> coming up in sports, the n.l. east champs back in action.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> dan is here and they wrapped up the division last night, but they've still got the phillys to deal with tonight. >> phillies aren't as dangerous as they norm will. they do have two games left. out of the park today, the players were strolling in very slowly into the national's clubhouse. i'm sure you can imagine why. busy celebrating last night. but the games go on. and the goon squad is in. that's the reserve guys for the nationals that are, that is, you know what i'm frying to say. those are the back ups. tonight, the goons were good. not your normal starting line-up, but they were ready for the lilies. the first start of the year, top three.
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he gets ty wigginton swinging. gives up one run in 3 2/3 innings. the shark getting the start in right field at the plate. takes this one to left. nice piece of opposite-field hitting right here. adam laroche scores. still tied, bottom of the sixth, adam one r.b.i. away from one hundred on the season. and here's a pretty good way to get it. out of the yard. his 33rd home run of the season. the second time he's hit that mark in his career. and he gets the old curtain call. nats win it 4-2. now, the reds win as well. so the two remain tied. chris davison and the os. one game behind the yankees visiting tampa. top four, davis taking james shields yard. and i mean deep into the yard.
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that is gone. about 400 and some feet. and guess what, that's his 33rd home run of the year. six straight games with a home run. but the yankees come back to beat the red sox in extras. so baltimore remains a game back in the standings. the wizards opened up a training camp at george mason this morning. a lot of new faces. eight players who were expected to play significant amounts of minutes are new this year. not on the roster when the season started last year. randy whitman no longer working under the interim tag. he started first as the wizard's head coach. john wall is going to be out for eight weeks with a knee injury. just one of several issues whitman will have to work out. but the coach, glad to get things started. >> i was excited. i didn't sleep much last night, but that's always good.
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first day of practice, guys are amped up, obviously. this being such a new situation for a lot of them. so our energy level was really good. but it better be on the first day. >> and, finally, marlins manager ozzie geehan at it again. it was for all the right reasons. this is adam greenburg with the cubs back in 2005. his first major league at bat, beaned in the head. his major league career was over. his life turned upside down. this was adam greenburg tontd. given a chance by the marlins to have one more at bat. he led off the sixth inning. now, he struck out on three pitches. but, for greenburg, the chanls to put on that big-league uniform one more time and just get back in the batter's box was all he wanted. and he also got a standing ovation on his way out. that was a very cool moment. >> nice to see the marlins give him a chanls.
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for most people, you encounter a wild bear and the flight instinct is called up. not for this woman, though, i don't know where she is. but check this out. this is her video.
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it's gone viral. die! right now. go. go. go. down. >> i have the idea that i'd get down, too. i wouldn't want to come back. >> whatever she wants. >> she, apparently, has had this run-in often. there are six other videos posted on youtube. maybe there's something in that barbecue grill up there. we do know that we do not want to confront this woman at any time, anywhere, under any circumstances. here she comes again. you better get out of my house, boy.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- carol burnett.

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